Neurological Emergencies

Stroke Damage Is Exacerbated by Nano-Size Particulate Matter in a Mouse Model

Liu Q, Babadjouni R, Radwanski R, Cheng H, Patel A, Hodis DM, He S, Baumbacher P, Russin  JJ, Morgan TE, Sioutas C, Finch CE, Mack WJ.

PLoS One. 2016 Apr 12;11(4):e0153376.

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Key Findings

Take home 1

persistent trigeminal artery (PTA) is the largest and most commonly occurring type of remnant fetal artery

Take home 2

Surgeons performing endonasal skull base operations should be vigilant for the presence of PTAs and related vascular anomalies on MR imaging

Take home 3

We described a craniopharyngioma associated with an adjacent PTA traversing through the sella turcica

Take home 4

PTAs are known tobe associated with a wide range of pathology

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