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My name is Shuhan He

I am looking for a job in your Emergency Department
And I think I can grow your department in a totally new way.

My work has appeared in these publications

I've been doing this a long time.

And I can do it for you.


The Mazes with Minds of Their Own

Huffington Post

Meet the Doctor who Builds Modern Mouse Mazes


How to Build a Modern Mouse Maze

Popular Science

Meet the Folks Designing The Future of Mouse Mazes


The Amazing History of Mazes and Labyrinths

Here's how it works. As it turns out:

when you rank on google

you get a predictable amount of traffic share.

Its all a funnel. And I can make this funnel for you








Funnel #1: Consulting.

The world needs your faculty's expertise.
I can find worldwide customers for you







Funnel #2: Microniche Projects

Your faculty's expertise means niche products
We can launch digitally and monetize fast






Let's see how this works

(Math warning)
Keyword: RNPV (the standard valuation method in the drug development industry)
Consulting customers search for this word

KW RNPV Monthly search volume

if 30% searchers are potential customers

if you capture 5% of potential customer traffic

if 10% of potential customer traffic share turns into a lead

searches per month
potential customers per month
potential customers per month
leads per year

It may not seem like much. But hold on

Cost per keyword

Cost for 100 Keywords

Leads per year

Presumed value of a single conversion

If you convert 1% of those 600 leads



Leads per year
That's 2 per day!
Revenue per year

Let's modify that a bit

If you convert 2% of leads

If you convert 4% of leads

If you convert 8% of leads

1.2 million
Dollars per year revenue
2.4 million
Dollars per year revenue
4.8 million
Dollars per year revenue

How about we chat more?

Let's do an interview

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