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Real World & Digital practices in Science and Medicine

Our team at the Significance lab strives to do just that: make a significant impact. Our culture book describes how we work, how we do our research, and how we seek to make an impact in the world. We’re a digital and distributed lab, with a headquarters in Cambridge, MA.

Our Culture

Learn about how digital & distributed teams function, what we look for in our scientists, and how we leverage digital tools for success.

Best Practices

Tips for working effectively within the Significance lab

Work with us.

from anywhere

We’re a digital & distributed lab.

What are the benefits of Digital & Distributed?


Talent from all over the world

We believe that the most talented people are not limited to geographical location, ethnicity, gender, or age. If you're talented, we want you to work for us, and we won't force you to move to work for us. We want to find superstars from around the world to work for the Significance Lab.



One of the benefits of digital & distributed work is that we get the best in practice evidence-based science and medicine from across the globe, from every health organization, across language and culture and geography. If the best practice has evidence, we can work with you.



Significance Lab works to translate protocols from across the world, to people across the world. That means we work across all time zones, with flexible hours. Our lab works when they want to. That means we have transitioned from synchronous to asynchronous collaboration. It accommodates everyone, from early birds to night owls to families with kids who need to be picked up during the day. As long as work gets done over the span of a week, that's fine to us. The Science of Change is what matters

To be clear, we still expect results and keep a very high standard of delivery. That is why we work asynchronously. Asynchronous collaboration means more productive work. When everyone is in an office, its easy to fall into the habit of bothering people with no regard for productivity. Its why it's so hard to get things done at the office--too many interruptions. How often do you need answers IMMEDIATELY? Usually, this means we get to minimize distractions and allow communication at your own time, maximizing the flow and feeling of accomplishment of actually getting work done.



Let's do the math. If you spend 45 minutes per day commuting to work door to door, that comes out to an hour and a half a day, or 7.5 hours per week or 300-400 hours per year. That time is returned to you in digital and distributed teams, and that means you can be both incredibly productive and have more personal time with friends and family. Commuting is bad for the our lab, our employees, and for business. So we got rid of the commute.

Even more importantly, the best, most cutting edge practices in evidence based medicine will come from across the world. We must be a distributed organization in geography so we can launch on mass scale, across the world. We seek to be the world's forefront lab in implementation science.



Why do students, researchers, academicians do the work they do? To find purpose, fulfilment and meaning, not to sacrifice their personal lives and freedoms by geography or time or topic category. We pick the best and most meaningful people in science and medicine to fill our lab, and let them work with freedom. This gives us the best results in implementation science.

That’s ourĀ Culture

See our best practices list for how it applies in day to day life.