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Give to MGH/Significance Lab

select the fourth entry—“Other”— Significance Labs (Dr. Shuhan He) in the “Other Fund Name” text box will automatically be entered.

You can make a gift now by:

Giving online to our lab through our parent organization, MGH. The button above will automatically designate your donation to Dr. Shuhan He’s Significance Lab. This will ensure the donations go to implementation science in healthcare.

A Timeless

Giving to MGH

Specifying Significance labs as the intent

Mailing a check

Direct to our lab. Please contact us with your wishes. All emails and calls will be anonymous.

Significance Lab's work offers the promise of healthier lives for millions of women, men, and children throughout the world.

Our lab's values


We measure our lab's impact with real world implementations of thoughtful ideas.


Digital solutions allow us to find high impact low-cost solutions to difficult healthcare problems


Both patients and healthcare providers, by improving their efficiency, find impact through Significance Lab


We use design first principles to impact spaces, both digitally and physically, in the healthcare arena.

Our  mission

Scalable Digital Healthcare Solutions

Scalable Design Solutions