Neurological Emergencies

Tighten Up: Vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage from cerebral aneurysm rupture. Imaging and clinical manifestations with state of  the art review of pathophysiology including endothelial injury, blood- brain barrier permeability and molecular mechanisms

Alderfer K, Gasparian G, Booker M, Mack W, Russin J, Mills J, He S, Go J, Kim P, Lerner A, Boyko O , Rajamohan, A, Law M, Shiroishi M

Radiological Society of North America, Chicago, IL: 2013.

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Key Findings

Take home 1

C5 deficient mice demonstrate decreased white matter ischemia in the corpus callosum

Take home 2

C5 complement protein may play a critical role in mediating white matter injury

Take home 3

C5 may mediate inflammation in the setting of chronic cerebral hypoperfusion.

Take home 4

Astrocyte and microglial activation within the corpus callosum suggests an inflammatory process

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